TrackLeave is an application developed by Recordables designed to manage, track and organize the cumbersome issues employers are faced with when dealing with FMLA, (Family Medical leave Act), STD, (Short Term Disability), LTD (Long Term Disability) and other HR functions. The U.S. Department of Labor created the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 which is defined as follows: To grant family and temporary medical leave under certain circumstances. However, the Family Medical Leave Act has become more complex and difficult to manage as laws are constantly evolving.

Therefore, TrackLeave was developed to organize the complex tasks faced with managing FMLA and other HR functions into a logical easy to use software program.

Some of the standard features of TrackLeave include the following:
  • Tracking Intermittent Leave
  • Tracking Leave Reasons
  • Tracking Leave Types
  • Summary of Employee Leave Totals
  • Numerous Reports
  • Diary Alerts
  • Narrative Note Section with Spell Check Feature
  • Interface with other HR systems for automation of hours worked (optional)
  • Attachment of Scanned Images
  • Generation of form e-mails
  • Short Term Disability Tracking
  • Long Term Disability Tracking
  • Interface with TrackComp for Tracking and management of Workers’ Comp cases