Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the process for my company to go self-insured?
A. Recordables has expertise in this area and can work with a client during and after the transition.

Q. Can you transfer data from our current software vendor even if we are not getting updates and support?
A. Recordables has vast experience and expertise in transferring data even under difficult circumstances.

Q. How do I select the right software vendor?
A. Make sure you are comfortable with the company and check references. Also, service after the sale is as critical as the initial purchase of the software. Therefore, we recommend you outline your requirements as part of the software licensing agreement.

Q. My company may require customization. Is that possible?
A. Yes, customization is possible, but make sure that your customization will not make you lag behind in receiving updates.

Q. What sets Recordables apart from other software vendors with similar systems?
A. Recordables tries hard to exceed expectations. This is exemplified through our current customers. Specifically, Recordables places guarantees in writing, provides complete pricing for future years which addresses both support and upgrades. Recordables recognizes that the most important asset is our customer. Therefore, we offer user group meetings in which we update the software based on feedback as well as maintain ongoing contact with all of our customers.

Q. What type of support does Recordables offer?
A. 95% of support calls are answered immediately and the remaining 5% are answered within 24 hours.

Q. What type of training does Recordables offer?
A. Recordables offers ongoing web training as well as on-site training. The on-site training is designed to provide training in both a group and individual settings.

Q. Can Recordables software export data?
A. This is one of Recordables strengths in that we can export any and all data to various formats including some of the following: .csv, .xls, .pdf, .doc, .dbf, .htm, .txt, etc.

Q. Does your software accept scanning?
A. Yes, we accept scanning in numerous formats.