Managing compliance of incoming Certificates of Insurance is made easy with CertAdvisor from Recordables. Our software stores insurance certificates electronically, reports any deficiencies, and notifies your vendors of their deficiency with automated emails and/or letters. Managing thousands of certificates is no longer the cumbersome and arduous task it used to be.


Features of CertAdvisor include:
  • Reminders for Certificates Nearing Expiration
  • Track Multiple Insurance Types
  • Unlimited Vendor Levels (different requirements for each vendor type)
  • Track Limits of Liability Compliance
  • Automation of Form Letters and/or Emails
  • Notify Internal Departments of Vendor Deficiencies
  • Vendor Notification Log
  • Electronically Store Certificates and Other Documents
  • Notes with Spell Check Feature
  • Multiple Standard Reports
  • Export Data to various formats including PDF, Excel, CVS, Text, etc.(optional)
  • Ad Hoc Reports and Graphs (optional)
  • Recordables can interface with most systems and databases upon request.